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My name is Amanda and I'm a Momma to 3 littles who seem hell-bent on making sure my life is as chaotic and beautiful as possible. Seriously, I survive on coffee and very little sleep, but at least my kids are super cute! HA!

My passion is to create beauty out of seemingly ordinary places, things, and situations around you. My goal is to romanticize your family's moments in order to create a session that not only showcases your connection, but also the unique personalities that ya'll possess.  

Welcome Yall!

"Art that shows you and your family as they truly are..."

As Featured in...

I am a former Starbucks Manager, so managing lots of fast, moving parts is second nature!

My Hubby and I dated long distance for 2 years.

As much as I love the idea of Homesteading, I CANNOT keep plants seriously!  I kill plants no matter what!

Caramel Macchiatos with Extra Caramel are my FAVE 

2 out of my 3 kids were complete and wonderful surprises, so I totally get unexpected Chaos!

I played Violin & Piano for 10+ years, so if someone plays guitar, ya'll are a family of thespians, OR ya'll love to hike - let's incorporate that in your session!

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We are a good fit if you are...

I love showing you the beauty in your current chaos.  So, while I absolutely poses & prompts, I also step back and watch ya'll make your own magic.  THAT is what fills up my heart...and your galleries!

Looking for candids...

Whether we've got some clouds or some sun, we are going to have a blast and make some memories!

Willing to roll with the punches...

Dust in the wind, beautiful chaos happening around, barefoot adventures...whether indoors or out.

You can get down with...

I want this session to tell the story of YOU.  So, in order to do that effectively, I need to talk to you, partner with you. and design your session with YOU and YOUR FAMILY at the very center of it.

You want a partner...

If this sounds like you, then let's CHAT, Mama!!!  

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